After a decade as an attorney working for big law firms and corporations, I decided it was time for a new professional path. I wanted to start using my skills, experience, and education for work I was truly passionate about. So I left the corporate and big firm world to pursue my passion: immigration law. I believe immigrant rights are human rights, and I am a passionate advocate of both, professionally and personally. 

My parents, a Peace Corp Volunteer and a civilian nurse, had fallen in love while stationed in the Philippines. Growing up in a family that embraced multiculturalism, I learned to value diversity and social justice. During my first career in corporate legal settings, I devoted many hours to volunteer work, but there was never enough time for doing the work I was truly passionate about. I finally decided to leave my position as a senior compliance attorney to focus my legal practice exclusively on immigration law. My professional life is now fully devoted to work that I’m truly passionate about it – immigration law – and it’s been a welcome change.

Before moving to the Pacific Northwest in early 2014, I lived and worked in Baltimore City, Maryland for 10 years. My prior practice experience includes real estate, small business law, compliance, regulatory advisement, and also non-traditional roles, such as legal research consultant. In addition to being the owner and managing attorney of Thorward Immigration Law, PLLC, I am also an Of Counsel attorney for Sound Immigration (http://www.soundimmigration.com/), Washington State's first web-based immigration law practice.

My parents – the Peace Corp volunteer and civilian nurse mentioned above – traveled to all corners of the globe, and I have followed in their footsteps, traveling throughout Central and South America, and Western Europe. In addition to traveling, I am a locavore foodie, yoga devotee, and runner, and enjoy hiking and cooking with my husband and our three-year-old daughter.

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